About the Department

This department functions to develop a comprehensive and innovative land use planning program. To create viable solutions for the future growth and development of Georgetown County. This task includes providing implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, establishing special project standards for beaches and dunes, and reviewing proposed land use plans. Additional tasks include:

  • Protection of highway efficiency
  • Improvement of zoning
  • Creation of greenways and parks
  • Review applications for rezonings, new development and redevelopment in the unincorporated areas of Georgetown County
  • Provide support for the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals

Disclaimer: Ordinances are amended frequently and time may lapse before the online version is updated. People are encouraged to contact the Planning Office or Zoning Office at 843-545-3158 to be sure they are using the current ordinance. Georgetown County is not responsible for the use of any information on this website.