Adult Services

The Georgetown County Library System provides an array of engaging and valuable adult programs and outreach, enhancing the Library’s role as a centering point for our community and as a beacon of adult programming statewide.

Our in-person programs attract strong attendance; in January 2020, for instance, we hosted more than 1,000 adult program attendees to our Waccamaw Branch! We also provide diverse online programs to further extend the reach and scope of our programming. In 2020-2021, our online adult programs attracted well over 20,000 viewers.

This excellent level of cultural-educational programming is made possible through the utmost support of our Friends groups. Featured series include:

<> 1st Thursday Speaker Series: Sponsored by FOWL (Friends of the Waccamaw Library), this series has become a focal point for the Library and the Waccamaw Neck community, attracting audiences robust in number and engagement. Although presentation subjects are wide-ranging, most 1st Thursday programs highlight a facet of regional or local culture, such as our fascinating, diverse histories; elements of the coastal ecology and wildlife; or the distinct literature, language, customs, and arts inspired by our area. 

<> Tuesdays with… Series: Sponsored by FOGL (Friends of the Georgetown Library), this series is similar to 1st Thursdays, while focusing on serving the Georgetown community. Tuesdays with… is one of the most anticipated, high-quality series centered at our Main Branch in Georgetown. 

<> Litchfield Tea & Poetry Series: This long-running poetry series completed its fifteenth successful season in 2021. In a typical season, the series features an impressive lineup of seven poets and one open mic session that mixes strong talent inside the state with notable writers from outside the region. Participating poets have included Marcus Amaker, Kate Daniels, Ed Madden, Ray McManus, and Marjory Wentworth.

<> Musicians Series: These lively events are wonderful reflections of community-gathering. While the performances certainly bring plenty of entertainment value, they also serve an educational purpose. The performers enlighten us about the history of the music and the cultures that produce it, interweaving musical education and cultural literacy elements into their shows.

<> Classic Film Series: Local film experts select and introduce a range of classic Hollywood films from various genres (e.g., film noir, screwball comedy, romance, Western, musical), followed by audience discussion.

<> Health & Wellness Series: This series provides important health and financial information, offering expert advice on a variety of issues, including retirement preparation, different forms of hospice living, financial fitness, grief management during the holidays, cancer prevention and treatment, healthy nutrition, and free vision screenings.

<> Adult Tech Series: This series covers broad help tech topics (i.e., smart phones, security, apps, and genealogy app) as well as introductory sessions for computer skills and basic programs.

<> Special Topics Programs and Series: While our many regular series provide a strong foundation and a consistency that patrons expect in our adult programming, GCL also presents numerous exciting individual events and series across the arts, sciences, and humanities that enhance the public good.