Children's Programs

Kids' Collections

  • Kids Playing on ComputersWe have an extensive Hispanic collection with great bilingual fiction and nonfiction.
  • We offer a parenting collection with important information for Homeschooling parents
  • We have a board book collection designed especially for the smallest hands

Additional Collections & Resources

  • Kids' Reference Section
  • Movies (DVD, Blu-ray and VHS)
  • Music (CD and cassette tape)
  • Magazines and used comic books
  • Book-and-tape kids
  • Play-aways
  • Various games, toys, and puzzles

So Much Fun for Kids

From weekly Storytime to our award-winning Summer Reading Program, our four library branches have lots for kids to do. Just click on the branch closest to you for times and dates of upcoming adventures.

Kids' Computers

Our Libraries have Internet-accessible computers especially for our preteen patrons.

Little Boy on Computer with HeadphonesWe also offer AWE computers for children aged 2 to 6. AWE Early Literacy Stations have big touch screens, little earphones and mice, and the most colorful keyboards anywhere. These computers are stuffed full of the latest attention-grabbing educational games and stories for small children. The program titles are pre-loaded on the computer and displayed using engaging graphics and intuitive menus. Little ones can learn how to use a computer and how to read at the same time, with stations that make both lessons fun and magical.

Computer Rules

  • Children's computers are reserved for patrons 13 years of age and younger.
  • Children accompanied by an adult can access the Internet unrestricted.
  • Children using the computers by themselves are restricted to Library-approved Internet sites.