Elections & Voter Registration

Mission Statement

This Board shall perform its duties and conduct elections according to SC Voter Registration and Election Laws.

We will document our business processes and be courteous and efficient in all that we do as board members.

All board members and staff personnel must recognize their responsibilities and be accountable for their actions and performance.

Our objective is VOTER SATISFACTION. By providing quality voter registration services, quality elections, and maintaining and improving our services to ALL citizens of our county, we can accomplish our objective.

Recent News

JULY 31, 2023 - Officially certified results of the July 25, 2023 special election can be found on our "Election Results" page.

Candidate Filing for the Town of Andrews & Town of Pawleys Island will begin on August 1, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. and end on August 15, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

What You Need to Know

To vote in any election you must be registered 30 days prior to that election. Once you are registered, there is no need to re-register, but please keep your information up to date to avoid issues on Election Day at your polling place.

If you have never been registered in Georgetown County before, use the button on the left to check your information or contact our office.

If you are registered in another county, you will need to register in our county in order to vote.

Call now to request an absentee ballot if you can't go to the polls on Election Day.

Change form (PDF) (to update your information; use only if you are already registered in Georgetown County).

To contact the local parties call:

  • Democratic Party - Ebony Hughes, 843-254-7108
  • Republican Party - Karol Anderson, 843-240-3029

Department Functions

To successfully administer all federal, state and local elections held within Georgetown County and provide all residents a chance to register and vote.

The office provides information concerning:

  • Absentee applications
  • Change of address forms
  • Information for all federal, state, and local elections held within Georgetown County
  • Precinct names
  • Registration deadlines
  • Voting locations

Board Meeting Agendas

To view Board of Elections & Voter Registration Meeting Agendas, or to access audio recordings of past meetings, please click here.