GIS & Asset Management Division

Our Mission

The GIS & Asset Management Division has dual goals. 

Our first goal is to make Georgetown County's GIS information, spatial database, and mapping tools accessible and transparent to the citizens, governmental agencies, and businesses we serve. We make every effort to provide an enhanced understanding of our area's infrastructure and beautiful natural environment.

Our second goal is to monitor and manage the county's myriad assets, which include facilities, equipment, and personnel.

Map Server Information

The GIS online map server is designed to work optimally with the latest W3C compliant browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari. If you are using an outdated browser, you may experience problems viewing the site. To access the Georgetown County Mapping Portal, click here or on "County Mapping Portal" in the Quick Links section to the right.

Please submit your questions/comments to the email address provided above. An "FAQ" is published on this website based on the comments we receive from our user base.

Note: We make daily improvements to the map server. Any improvements made to the website might not be apparent until you delete your temporary internet files. You can set your computer to check for new files (in a Microsoft environment) by going to Tools/Internet Options and clicking the Settings button under Temporary Internet Files. Where it says 'Check for newer versions of stored pages,' check the box that says "every visit to the page." That way, you will always be viewing the latest version.