Special Assessments

  • Agriculture (4%) -  Agriculture properties with bonafide agriculture use
  • Agriculture (6%) - Agriculture properties with bonafide agriculture use owned by a corporation with 10 or more stockholders.
  • Legal residence (4%) -  Owner-occupied dwellings

Multi-Lot Discount

The original developer of a subdivision with 10 or more lots may be eligible for a discount on the values on unsold lots. New applications need to be filed by May 1 of the year you are requesting the discount or pay a fine of $100 no later than 30 days after the mailing of tax bill in the initial year of application. The discount terminates once a certificate of occupancy is issued. 12-43-225.

Builders / Developers Exemption

The South Carolina General Assembly passed legislation in 2009 to give builders/developers an exemption on property tax for newly constructed, unoccupied, detached-single-family homes that received their Certificate of Occupancy (CO) after 2006. The initial application must be filed no later than 30 days after the CO is issued or 30 days after completion. The exemption may be obtained by notifying the county assessor by a written application. The applicant must file a renewal certification no later than January 31st in subsequent eligible years. 12-37-220(B)(51).

Rollback Taxes

When real property which is in agriculture use and is being valued, assessed and taxed under the provisions of this article, is applied to another use other than agriculture, it shall be subject to additional taxes, hereafter referred to as rollback taxes, in the amount equal to the difference, if any, between taxes payable or the basis of the agricultural use valuation and assessment and the taxes that would have been paid had the property been taxed at the market value appraisal and 6% assessment ratio. The rollback can be applied to the five years proceeding the first year the property is taxed at 6% due to the change in use.