Public Works & Construction Services

Division Functions

Public Works maintains and improves dirt and paved roads, constructs and maintains storm drainage systems, and maintains the Georgetown County right-of-way throughout the unincorporated county areas. Public Works also manages project construction and quality control and coordinates the Georgetown County Transportation Committee's (CTC) pavement management program for secondary roads. Additionally, the division designs and tests materials for road construction while making improvements by inspecting and repairing dirt and paved roads, streets, drainage ways and parking lots. 

Additional duties include manufacturing and installing street name signs and traffic control devices, installing storm drain pipes, and cleaning and maintaining public canals and ditches. Public Works and Construction Services also reviews subdivision development plans, provides surveying support for various county projects, constructs storm drainage systems and roads, and hauls whatever is needed--from dirt and mulch to rip-rap, slag and gravel--for myriad projects. Finally, the division provides maintenance assistance to Park Maintenance on various boat landings and beach access areas from Garden City to Litchfield Beach.

Encroachment in County Right-of-Way

County roadways have been established and are maintained primarily for the travel of vehicles and pedestrians. It is also permissible to allow individuals and utility companies to utilize highway rights-of-way for purposes other than transportation. 

To prevent recurring, dangerous, and annoying interruptions to the travel of vehicles and pedestrians, and to outline a standard of construction and construction methods, it is necessary to follow standard procedures and maintain strict control of the process of encroachments in county rights-of-way. All encroachments must adhere to Georgetown County Ordinance No. 2007-35.


To effectively and transparently serve the public by creating connectivity and resilient infrastructure, preserving our environmental resources, and planning for current community needs and future generations.


To ensure Georgetown County is a premier place to live, work and play, through sustainable development and equitable opportunity for both public and private sections.


  • Integrated: Ensuring unity of effort within the department, across county government, and with all elements of the community.
  • Collaborative: Creating and sustaining broad and sincere relationships among individuals and organizations to encourage trust, advocating ethical practices, public stewardship and continuous improvement.
  • Professional: Providing education, training, experience, while advocating ethical practice, public stewardship and continuous improvement.
  • Agile: To think and understand quickly; to react and plan for today's and future challenges.
  • Accountable: Delivering results.
  • Progressive: Taking preventative and preparatory measures.