"C" Fund Program

The "C" Fund Program is a statewide program for improving roads. The fund for the program comes from a tax on each gallon of gas and diesel fuel. Currently the tax amounts to 2.66 cents per gallon. This tax is set by the General Assembly and applied throughout South Carolina. Funds from this tax amount to approximately $1,100,000 for Georgetown County.

"C" Fund Road Paving Projects 

Fiscal Year 2020 Fiscal Year 2021
Evans Place Proverbs Lane
James Drive/Miller Road -
Maidenbush Street -
Reed Court -
DeLoach Trail -
Cove Lane -
Sandy Knowe Lane -

"C" Fund Road Preservation Projects: Resurfacing

Fiscal Year 21 Fiscal Year 22*
Grate Avenue Safe Harbor Avenue
Blue Stem Drive Reef Run Road
Center Road Voyagers Drive
Hesterville Road Windward Way
Brookside Drive Cruz Bay Place
- Trinity Road
- Gasque Street
- Juniper Place
- Carnell Loop
*Anticipated: Subject to available funding

"C" Fund Road Preservation Projects: Sealcoating

Fiscal Year 21 Fiscal Year 22*
Coral Bay Development Links Brook Development (18 roads)
Red Maple/Deer Moss Area Meadow Street
Jackson Village Road Savannah Street
Bayfield Loop Area Cooper Lane
Cayman Loop Area -
*Anticipated: Subject to available funding