Applying for a County Encroachment Permit

An application for an encroachment permit must be obtained from and returned to Georgetown County Public Works and Construction Services Division before work can begin. Simply call (843) 545-3438 to request your encroachment permit application or click on one of the following links to download the PDFs:

Apply via Hard Copy

Print Application for all Projects EXCEPT Single-family Homes

Print Application for Single-family Home Projects ONLY

Once the completed application is received, staff will review the submitted plans and may find there is sufficient information to grant approval. In certain cases, we may require additional information such as plans, specifications, or specific explanations.

Required information includes: street name, centerline location, right-of-way width, description of encroachment, length of encroachment, name, telephone number and address of permittee, width of road, signature of permittee, and detailed plan of proposed work. More detailed instructions can be found here. A sample site plan can be found here. The permit will be approved for the work to take place in the rights-of-way only. 

Permission must be obtained from adjoining property owners when working out of the right-of-way or on roads with no assigned right-of-way. The applicant must sign and certify that the work they propose to do in the county's right-of-way will not adversely affect adjacent property owners. 

A review fee of $100 is due at the time of your submittal. A printable, PDF fee form can be downloaded here. For more information on County Encroachment Permits and the permitting process, please review Georgetown County Ordinance Number 2007-35.

Prior to submitting your encroachment application, please take a few moments, go through the checklist that can be found at this link, and ensure that you have completed all steps.