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Posted on: June 12, 2023

Waccamaw Neck Stormwater Master Plan is complete

The cover of the Waccamaw Neck Stormwater Master Plan.

Georgetown County is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Waccamaw Neck Stormwater Master Plan. This plan is the culmination of a $702,000 investment aimed at addressing pressing challenges related to stormwater and community flood resilience in the Waccamaw Neck area of Georgetown County. This milestone achievement signifies a significant investment toward enhancing the region's ability to mitigate flooding risks and protect critical infrastructure.

Through collective dedication and expertise, the county's project team – in close collaboration with Thomas & Hutton, the design consultant retained to produce the plan – has delivered the final report. The team's efforts included an extensive assessment of existing stormwater infrastructure, meticulous analysis of historical flooding data, and identification of areas prone to both current and potential future flooding. Leveraging their collective knowledge in water resources, engineering and geospatial technology, the team evaluated the effectiveness of current practices and proposed a comprehensive range of strategies for improvement. These strategies encompassed infrastructure upgrades, establishment of special protection areas, prioritization of existing projects, and a host of recommendations.

This project's successful completion signifies the County's ongoing commitment to effectively managing stormwater and mitigating flooding risks in Georgetown County. By prioritizing flood resilience, the County has taken a vital step toward improving the area's ability to withstand and recover from the adverse effects of intensified stormwater runoff, thereby enhancing the quality of life for residents and ensuring the protection of critical infrastructure.

Throughout the project, the County's team worked in close collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring that the Stormwater Master Plan adheres to local regulations, embraces community considerations, and aligns with environmental criteria. 

The County extends its gratitude to the entire project team, including internal staff members, external consultants, government agencies, and community organizations for their unwavering dedication and valuable contributions.

The plan can be downloaded on our Stormwater Page. Hard copies are available for review at the Waccamaw Library.


Download the full plan
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