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1. I’m new to South Carolina. How do I register my vehicles? Where do I start?
2. I’ve just purchased a vehicle. What do I need to do?
3. I have moved from one county to another in South Carolina. What should I do?
4. How can I get my taxes lowered?
5. Can’t I get a reduction on my boat, camper or RV taxes?
6. Why is this tax bill so high on my business?
7. What is this information about making tax installment payments?
8. Can I get a reduction on my vehicle taxes?
9. What is this school tax credit savings?
10. What is this stormwater fee that’s on my bill?
11. Isn’t there a cap on the millage?
12. What about the 15% cap on real estate?
13. Why is a household fee listed?
14. I pay a solid waste fee to my homeowner's association (HOA). Do I still have to pay the county household fee?
15. What is the landfill fee on my tax notice?
16. What is this commercial landfill fee - my business is in the city?
17. What if I want to appeal the assessed value of my real property?
18. What if I want to appeal the assessed value of my personal property?