Everett Carolina

District 3

Portrait of Everett Carolina

Mailing Address

669 Corner Loop
Georgetown, SC 29440

Phone & Email

(843) 545-3058
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Current Term

January 2021 to December 2024


Everett Carolina has deep roots in Georgetown County. Though he was born in Charleston and grew up in Washington, D.C., both his parents were Georgetown natives and after they moved back home, he decided Georgetown was where he belonged as well. A managing and senior partner for Jacinez Holding and Funding in Georgetown, Mr. Carolina has worked in the field of finance and risk management for more than 30 years. He is a graduate of Anacostia High School in Washington, D.C., and the College of Idaho in Caldwell, where he obtained degrees in business management and social psychology. He resides in the City of Georgetown with his wife, who is an Army veteran and nurse. They have four grown children and four grandchildren. Mr. Carolina is a member of the Southern Georgetown Leadership Council. He is a former member of the Georgetown County Planning Commission.