I don't want to serve on jury duty. What do I do?

Unless you are disqualified, exempted, or have been excused by the Clerk of Court, you are required to appear in court at the day and time specified on the jury summons. Failure to appear may result in a citation for contempt of court, and a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. Persons seeking to be excused should contact the jury clerk. If you do not contact the jury clerk, or should the jury clerk be unable to excuse you, you are required to appear on the first day of the jury term and request the judge to excuse you. If you choose not to appear at all, the judge will order a sheriff’s deputy to pick you up and you can be held in contempt. 

For more detailed explanations regarding jury duty, call 843-545-3215 or call 843-545-3037 to speak to the jury clerk.

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4. I don't want to serve on jury duty. What do I do?
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