What is local hospitality tax?

A local Hospitality Tax of 2% is imposed on the purchase of prepared or modified food and/or beverages intended for immediate consumption. Both local accommodations and hospitality taxes were created by Georgetown County Council to provide a dedicated source of revenue and an appropriate and efficient means of funding new and renovated tourist-related buildings, and cultural, recreational and historical facilities, improved beach access and beach renourishment, as well as highways, roads, streets and bridges providing access to tourist destinations. These funds may also be used for advertisements and promotions related to tourism development, and water and sewer infrastructure to serve tourism-related demand throughout Georgetown County.

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1. What is local accommodations tax?
2. What is local hospitality tax?
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4. How should the tax be remitted?
5. What if my tax payment is late?
6. What is the penalty for violation of this ordinance?
7. What records do I need to keep?
8. What are "prepared meals and beverages?"
9. What sales by restaurants, bars and other food service establishments are subject to the hospitality tax?
10. What sales by convenience stores are subject to the hospitality tax?
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12. Who can I contact for additional information regarding Hospitality / Accommodations taxes?