How do I file a case in your court? Is there a charge?

When you come to any of our offices, you complete an information sheet that will briefly outline your complaint and any damages to which you believe you are entitled. Be sure to have the defendant’s physical address or a description of how to locate their premises, supporting documentation such as:

  • Bills of sale
  • Certified receipts and letters if mailed
  • Contracts
  • Notices of evictions
  • Titles
  • Any other pertinent information

The court clerk will enter your information into the computer system and produce documents to sign for your particular case. Filing fees are due at the time of filing. Our most common fees are:

  • Claim and delivery cases: $65
  • Evictions: $40
  • Judicial sales: $35
  • Summons and complaint: $80
  • Restraining orders: Free

This is a list of our most common requests; you may obtain a complete list of fees from any one of our locations. See our court staff and directory for contact information.

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