How do I go about evicting a renter for non-payment of rent?

A landlord must give a minimum of five days written notice to the tenant regarding their failure to pay rent. Once the fifth day has been completed, the landlord may file an Order and Rule to Evict at the appropriate Magistrate’s Court, presenting at the time of filing, a copy of the eviction notice. The filing fee for this is $40. The defendant is served upon filing, and is then given 10 days to file a response and request a hearing. If the tenant fails to vacate the premises and does not ask for a hearing, the landlord must pay an additional $10 fee to file the actual Writ of Ejectment. The defendant is served the Writ of Ejectment and must vacate the premises within 24 hours. If the defendant fails to vacate the premises, the Sheriff’s Office will remove the defendant from the premises.

You may also complete Applications for Evictions for a violation of lease terms and conditions or if the term of tenancy or occupancy has expired. Contact the appropriate office for assistance in these matters where forms are available to follow the correct procedures.

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