Who pays the fee?

Every property in Georgetown County with 400 square feet of impervious area or more will pay a stormwater user fee. Single-family residential, multi-family residential and non-residential properties will pay the fee, including the County itself. While all developed properties will be charged a fee, it may be reduced for services provided, such as maintenance, reduction of developed flow discharges, etc., on non-residential properties. This reduction is called a credit.

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1. Who pays the fee?
2. I represent a tax-exempt organization. Do we have to pay the stormwater fees?
3. How often will I receive a stormwater utility bill?
4. What is an Equivalent Runoff Unit (ERU)?
5. What will owners of single-family residential properties pay?
6. What will owners of non-single-family residential properties pay?
7. Who will pay the fees for public buildings?
8. Why is impervious area being used to determine the fee?
9. Why not just bill a flat fee instead of incurring the administrative costs to determine everyone's impervious surface?
10. Will the fee change in the future?
11. Will the impervious area calculation be exact?