Why do we have a stormwater utility fee?

Georgetown County faces a number of stormwater problems: 

  • steadily increasing flooding and water pollution problems as the County grows; 
  • unfunded state and federal mandates to control these problems and meet standards; 
  • aging, deteriorating, and undersized system to handle stormwater; 
  • and competition for dollars with other County needs.

The County studied these problems and how they might be solved, and after looking at all the options for solving these problems, found that this was the best path. A stormwater fee is the most equitable revenue source to solve the County’s stormwater problems. The stormwater program will enable the County to comply with federal regulations as well as protect our community through improved drainage and protection of local waters. After studying the issue, the County Council passed an ordinance establishing the stormwater enterprise fund after three readings, on June 12th, 2007.

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