How much does a permit cost?

For residential building permits, there are five different types of fees collected. They are as follows:

  • Building permit fees - See page 1 of the permit fee schedule (PDF) (Section 1)
  • Plans review fees - Equal to one-half of the building permit fee (see page 1 of the permit fee schedule, Section 1 k). Please note that there is an initial plans review fee due when submitting plans for approval which is $0.10 per square feet. Credit will be given towards the final plans review fees due when the permit is issued.
  • Fire impact fees - See page 3 of the permit fee schedule
  • Construction sign fees - If you are going to have a construction sign on the job site advertising who the contractor is, there is a $20 sign permit fee (see page 5 of the permit fee schedule)
  • Impact fees (recreation, library, law enforcement and transportation) - See the impact fee calculation schedule

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