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1. How do I make child or spousal support payments in Georgetown County?
2. How can I check to see if my child support payment has been made?
3. I was in court recently and I was ordered to make a lump sum payment, or to pay a court cost that is different from my regular payment. Should I pay the SDU?
4. If child support or alimony payments are not being made by the responsible party as ordered, why has he/she not been brought before the Court?
5. Where and how do I file for child support?
6. Where do I change my address?
7. What services does the South Carolina Department of Social Services provide?
8. Where do I file for a Restraining Order?
9. Does the Family Court give out legal advice?
10. Can the Family Court staff recommend an attorney or law firm?
11. Can I act as my own attorney when filing a case?