Beach Information

To ensure the enjoyment of all please observe the following rules and regulations when on Georgetown County beaches:

  • No littering (depositing refuse on beach or in water is unlawful)
  • No alcoholic liquors
  • No glass containers
  • No vehicles on beaches or dunes
  • No Obstruction of free access
    • No tents, cabanas or other items may be left overnight. Items left overnight will be considered abandoned and may be removed
    • No loitering on beach accesses
    • No personal property allowed within 25 feet of any emergency beach access
  • Dogs must be leashed from 9 am to 7 pm. Dogs that are not leashed during other hours must be under voice control and owners must be able to demonstrate voice control to a law enforcement officer if asked
  • No horses on the beach from March 1 to October 31
  • No nudity
  • No sleeping on the beach from midnight to sunrise
  • Fishing that creates unsafe conditions is unlawful
  • Digging or altering beach surfaces for recreational purposes is permitted under the following conditions:
    • Holes may not be deeper than two feet (2')
    • Holes must be filled in, regardless of diameter or depth, and the area returned to its natural state before leaving the beach
    • Only children's toys or small gardening hand tools (no more than approx. 12 inches in length) may be used to assist in digging or altering beach surfaces

Beach Access Hours

  • Open - One hour before sunrise
  • Closed
    • April 15 through October 31: 10 pm
    • November 1 through April 14: 8 pm

Georgetown County Beach Regulations are applicable on public beaches in the unincorporated areas of Georgetown County. Incorporated and private areas may have additional/different regulatory requirements.