Motor Vehicles

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Before you can register your vehicle with the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you must first pay the property taxes that are required in the county in which you reside. If you are a resident of Georgetown County, you can file your vehicle with the Auditor's Office (to get a tax bill) and pay your vehicle's taxes to the Georgetown County Treasurer. 

If you are registering a vehicle for the first time in South Carolina, you will need to bring one of the following documents to the Auditor's Office:

  • Title in owner’s name or signed over; if Owned, with no encumbrances 
  • Bill of Sale from Dealership; if making payments 
  • Valid Registration from prior state; if making payments 
  • Limited power of attorney from dealership and valid registration; if leased, granting you the right to register this vehicle.

If you would like our office to create a vehicle tax notice for you, please email all required documentation (including the address at which you will have the vehicle registered) to  Please allow a 2 full business days for a response. 

Paying Your Tax bill

You can pay your property tax bill in person at the Treasurer's Office with cash, check or credit card.  You can also pay by credit card online at under "Tax Search and Pay".

High Mileage Exemption

The high mileage chart is determined by the  South Carolina Department of Revenue. Taxpayers may appeal the appraised value of a vehicle for high mileage if the vehicle averages over 15,000 miles, annually, based on the age of the vehicle (total miles divided by age of vehicle).

Vehicle High Mileage (PDF)

Registering your vehicle with the SC DMV

After you have paid your tax bill, you can register your vehicle with the SC DMV. For more information about what you must bring to the DMV to register your vehicle and for DMV office locations, visit or call 1-(800) 442-1DMV.

How to Apply for a Refund

If you dispose of a vehicle or move out of state before the tag decal expires, you may be eligible for a partial refund for the unexpired period.

Note: transferring an active tag to another vehicle does not qualify for a partial refund since any remaining period on the transferred tag applies to the second vehicle.

In order to process a refund, the Auditor’s Office must have the following two documents:

  1. Proof the tag has been cancelled.
    1. To cancel your plate, please visit the SCDMV.
    2. Request a tag return receipt. (5051 Form)
  2. Proof you no longer own vehicle.
    1. If the vehicle was sold, we need a Bill of Sale.
    2. If the vehicle has been moved out of state, we need a copy of the new registration.
    3. If the vehicle was wrecked, we need the insurance letter.
    4. If the vehicle was stolen, we need a copy of the police report.

In lieu of a bill of sale, out of state registration, or insurance letter, we will also accept a completed Vehicle disposal form. Our office cannot accept a disposal form for a vehicle reported stolen. Both documents should be sent to the Auditor’s office for processing, either in person, mail or emailed to

Out of State Tag Reporting

Vehicles are considered personal property in South Carolina, and are therefore taxable. State law requires all vehicles housed here to be registered within 45 days of being brought into the state. If a vehicle is housed in our county, it is taxable here, even if it is a company vehicle. In the event a taxpayer does not comply with registration, they are in danger of fines and/or fees in addition to taxes. 

If you would like to report an Out of State Tag, you may fill out the form provided below.

Out of State Tags-Places Report (PDF)